American Space Leipzig

logoThe American Space Leipzig is an initiative between the U.S. Government and the Universität Leipzig to encourage learning, exchange, and dialogue between the United States and Germany.


The American Space Leipzig is the first such institution in Central Germany (Mitteldeutschland). It joins a network of ten such programs throughout the Bundesrepublik. American Space Leipzig pursues five main goals:

Events: Create programs that bring together diverse groups to discuss and to learn about a wide variety of themes involving politics, culture, andcontemporary affairs.

Resources: Provide new and innovative research resources, learning materials, and study-spaces in the Leipzig University Library (West Wing). These include data-bases, the latest scholarship from leading presses, computer work-stations, and a dedicated reading area.

 Education: Initiate continuous education programs for teachers and other professional communities, along with programs for improving American-Englishlanguage skills.

Advising: Offer materials and advising about education and internship opportunities in the United States.

 Alumni: Organize events and forums for German-American alumni organizations.

As we pursue our goals for the American Space Leipzig, we very much welcome your ideas for programs that will help build our community.


American Space Leipzig
Beethovenstr. 15
04107 Leipzip
Tel. 0176/988 345 05