JUNE 12-19, 2017

Human Rights in a Globalized World


Together with Associate Prof. Joseph A. Slaughter we would like to dissect and discuss the extent as to which human rights serve an ideological tool of the liberal western world. A contemporary and honest assessment of their normative power would be an excellent and necessary addition in the German discourse on the complex refugee situation.

Leading Expert: Joseph Slaughter specializes in literature, law, and socio-cultural history of the Global South (particularly Latin America and Africa). He’s especially interested in the social work of literature—the myriad ways in which literature intersects (formally, historically, ideologically, materially) with problems of social justice, Slaughter_photohuman rights, intellectual property, and international law. His honors include a Guggenheim Fellowship, Public Voices Fellowship, Lenfest Distinguished Faculty Award. His book Human Rights, Inc.: The World Novel, Narrative Form, and International Law (Fordham UP, 2007), which explores the cooperative narrative logics of international human rights law and the Bildungsroman, was awarded the 2008 René Wellek prize for comparative literature and cultural theory. His essay, “Enabling Fictions and Novel Subjects: The Bildungsroman and International Human Rights Law,” was honored as one of the two best articles published in PMLA in 2006-7. He was elected to serve as President of the American Comparative Literature Association in 2016.

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MUNICH, 12.06.2017 / 15:00

Academic Workshop – Human Rights in a Globalized World

with Dr. Joseph Slaughter, organized by Amerikahaus München. Details & Sign-up


MUNICH, 12.06.2017 / 19:00

Public Lecture & Discussion – Human Rights in a Globalized World

With Dr. Joseph Slaughter, organized by Amerikahaus München. Details & Sign-up


HEIDELBERG, 13.06.2017 

Lecture and Panel Discussion –  Universal Human Rights

with Dr. Joseph Slaughter, organized by DAI Heidelberg. (DAI Heidelberg members only, please find here all details about the DAI membership).


TUEBINGEN, 13.06.2017 

Roundtable Discussion  – What Do Human Rights Do?

with Dr. Joseph Slaughter. In cooperation Global Ethic Institute Tuebingen (upon invitation only).


TUEBINGEN, 14.06.2017 

Panel Discussion  – What Do Human Rights Do?

Moderators: Prof. Astrid Franke (EKUT/Germany) and Prof. Dr. Dr. Russell West-Pavlov Panelists: Prof. Kerry Bysrom (Bard College/Berlin, Germany) Prof. Marc Epprecht (Queen’s University/Canada) Prof. John Kinsella (Curtin University/Australia) Prof. Fernando Resende (Universidade Federal Fluminense/Brazil) Dr. Joseph Slaughter (Columbia University/United States) In cooperation with Literary Cultures of the Global South, Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst and Universität Tübingen. Details & Sign-up


HAMBURG, 15.06.2017 / 19:00 – 20:30

Lecture and Panel Discussion – Universal Human Rights

with Dr. Joseph SlaughterDetails & Sign-up In cooperation with Konrad-Adenauer Foundation Hamburg.


SAARBRUECKEN, 19.06.2017 / 14:00

Lecture and Panel Discussion – Universal Human Rights

with Dr. Joseph Slaughter. Details & Sign-up In cooperation with the Chair of North American Literatures and Cultures of Saarland University.

Campus Universität des Saarlandes, Gebäude C 5 3, Raum U 13, Postfach 151 150, 66123 Saarbrücken


A program of the German-American Institutes, spearheaded by Amerikahaus München.